1. irina-ari-animation:

    Dat body doe

    So close! I don’t think I’ll have time (or…transportation…lol) to get any texturing/painting done on it, but at least I managed this much!

    So much for illustrating! 3D modeling is all I do these days… aside from doodling. Nearing completion on this character’s (Menos’s) body.


  2. will edit this for maximum prettiness soon; I threw this together in 2 hours after randomly stumbling across Ghibli Jam 2014, hahaha.


  3. irina-ari-animation:

    I’d like to post more step-by-step photos later but ohhhh Im so happy I even have it this far. More to go!

    Modeling that character design I posted : )


  4. Didn’t spend as much time with Kaili since I’ve drawn her more and knew what direction I wanted to go with clothes/accessories. Will make sketches of some other details, then off to 3D modelling.


  5. postin it over here this time. I think the winner is pretty clear.


  6. "I’m striving to see beyond what I’ve been told is the way things “are” — beyond the limitations of today."
    — post-it note I wrote back in highschool (via iam-irina-a)

  7. ""I can never stand still. I must explore and experiment. I am never satisfied with my work. I resent the limitations of my own imagination."
    —Walt Disney"

    (via gouletniac)

    as problematic as ye may be, walt

    the head on that nail was hit pretty hard.

    Should find that quote I wrote a couple years ago…


  8. irina-ari-animation:

    Throwing in the main items I want, then I’ll go in and finalize a color scheme and which items I’ll be modeling in 3D.

    Working on some outfits for a thingy thing. Not finalized, by any means, but I’m enjoying sketching these.


  9. iam-irina-a:

    And now, some ponycorns <3 or MLPs, whatever floats your boat. Might turn them into stickers for sale? #pony #mlp #unicorn #ponycorn #mylittlepony #doodle #stickers #maybe, haha


  10. Practicing my concept arting. Will go back into this and make a nice final piece.


  11. irina-ari-animation:

    dun dun dun, DONE DONE DONE dun dun, dun dunnn

    lookit this thing I made. I’ve been doing 3D for like < 2 weeks, yay! 



  12. iam-irina-a:

    Doodlage. Little hello to puketrick(tumblr) and some other artists on illustrationaspiration.tumblr.com #doodle #sketchbook #artistsoninstagram #irinaari #sailormoon #duck #yeah #mermaid #patrickkyle #puketrick #sharpie #marker